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If you are not familiar with metal roofs, maybe it is time to get some information about them. In Florida, especially in Broward County, commercial property owners love installing them and since this has been a trend during the last 40 years, residential owners also started to wonder why. There are many reasons behind choosing metal roofs over other options.

However, not being aware of them is quite common even if you are a commercial owner. So, let’s instruct you about this before getting into the main topic. Metal roofs exceed all expectations when it comes to performance and even design. You can expect a clay tile roof, slate, or cedar shingles to last for 20 or 25 years while a metal roof can last two or three times more and still look as stunning as those options and during many more years.

Therefore, why wouldn’t you choose a roofing system that can offer you everything in terms of performance and design without having to sacrifice one nor the other? Because of the price? This is something you do not have to worry about either. Most metal roofs are cheap or affordable when leaving behind premium options that are available in any roofing system in the market.

This means you can make the investment of going for them, spending a fair amount, and enjoy every single benefit. That being said, what roofing system is the best in this case? And we are talking about metal ones only—of course. Well, the variety is larger you think so you might want to take your time with it. However, if you are looking for a modern, classic, and elegant design, standing seam roofs sound like the one for you.

The standing seam is just a metal panel and sheet that runs vertically in your roof and delivers a clean and bold look. It is not one of those options that have features everywhere and make people feel overwhelmed instead of attracted to it. It is rather the opposite. The standing seam is simple and unique in design and style. It may look way too simple for some people, when you look at the entire result after installing each panel, all of them will agree with the fact that it looks stunning and there is nothing else to add—nor it is necessary.

To describe the style in a more specific way, we can call it a roof with clean lines and a modern style of raised metal seams. The best part about standing seam is that you can use any of the four metals available in the market to fabricate panels: aluminum, zinc, steel, or copper. Steel is the most used one among commercial property owners due to how affordable it is without missing the most crucial benefits of a metal roof. However, when you are about to choose the specific metal, make sure to keep in mind the climate in your city, the specific design you want to obtain, and which material you like the most.

Steel can be a bit harder to paint than aluminum—for example—, so if you are trying to get your panels in a gray color, you should go for steel but for another one, aluminum sounds like a better option. Of course, you CAN get your steel standing seam painted and with a specific design, but it will take more time and expertise from the roofer and expert. When going for a new installation, repair, maintenance, or any other service related to this metal roof, you can contact us at Quality Metal Roofing Crew of Plantation.  We have the roofers and contractors required to guarantee the best results, and we assure you will be more than satisfied with them. Now, is standing seam what you want and need?

Why standing seam and not a corrugated metal roof

There are many options in the market, but the reason why we are comparing it with corrugated roof among all the options in the metal roofing industry is that it is its predecessor. Before starting, you must know corrugated panels are amazing for most commercial properties, but they might not be the best option for residential ones or for people who are trying to obtain a more stylish design. Now, the main change or difference with the standing seam is that this one has an improved design featuring concealed fasteners.

Thanks to this simple but crucial feature, it is easy to minimize the probabilities of leaks and you will not have the unsettling sigh of nails, fasteners, or screws in the roof. Many property owners hate seeing these small pieces out of place all over the roof. And we gotta be honest, when you have a concealed option, why go for the most traditional one that can cause some problems in the future?

The standing seam is a better and improved version of corrugated metal roofs. But that does not mean this last one is awful and people should forget about them. Everything depends on what you want, need, and can afford. That being said, if you want your standing seam installed, you will not regret the decision later on. They are beautiful, there is no other word to describe how this metal roofing system will look.

Just make sure that the first-time installation is done correctly to prevent future problems and repairs in the future. Also, whenever you get in contact with a company that can repair some holes, leaks, or solve other problems as well as performs maintenance, makes sure that the company is us. In this way, we can guarantee you that your money and time will be worth after we finish performing our services thanks to our well-trained and qualified roofers and contractors.

For anything related to standing seam, metal roofs overall, and your new projects around them, count on us and make the call. For more information about this roofing option, you can ask our staff and send an email with all your inquiries. You are also welcome in our offices anytime.

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