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Having to replace your roof is not always the only option you have when it has gotten old or too damaged. We know replacing it can take a lot of time but also money, resulting in you having to spend all your saving and several days in a hotel room or with your family. Now, it is true that sometimes it is unavoidable and you will end up doing it, but what is better than doing it later than sooner?

In this case, it is the best option. That being said, what is that option you can go for that makes you forget about a replacement? It is called re-roofing, but unfortunately, it is not available for all roofing systems. Re-roofing is pretty much like replacing the most damaged panels and areas of the roof you have installed and get new ones placed. Or maybe just placing them over the existing ones to add more support and lifespan to the roof.

It all depends on the type of roof you have and the options it gives you when it comes to re-roof it. In the case of metal roofs, this option is quite viable and if you ask us, we prefer it over replacement without having to think about it twice. Most metal roofs can be easily replaced but that does not reduce the money and time you have to spend on it. In the end, it is just like paying for a new installation, and sometimes, people cannot afford it. Besides, since metal roofs are durable and long-lasting, isn’t it a good idea to just do something to add more years to them?

When you choose to re-roof it, you are doing exactly that. The best part about going for this option in the case of metal roofing systems is that it is easy to perform it, does not take days, and it is quite affordable. Take standing seam as an example. The standing seam is just a vertical sheet that has a raised feature in the parts where you join each panel with the other. In other words, the design is clean and simple.

Thanks to this, you only need to remove some panels when they are damaged and place new ones without having to disrupt the entire structure. Or just place them over the standing seam that is already installed. We understand if you are a bit confused about this, after all, it sounds like just placing a new roof. But it is not entirely the same since you are just trying to add some support to the existing one and with this, you are going to get your metal roof for another decade or so.

Now that you got to know this option you need to understand that the next one—in the case of metal roofs—is not the same. Retrofitting is another alternative to removing but instead of adding more panels, shingles, or working around the existing roof, it is about adding a new structure. Most experts and roofers use roof huggers that are in some kind of grid shape and structure. They help to literally add support to the metal roof and property owners can add some panels that help with certain features.

Like adding panels to reflect heat even more and in this way, cool down the property where the metal roof is installed. You can say that retrofitting is more an option for those who are trying to get more things added. However, if you are just trying to give your metal roof more years of use, it is a good alternative and completely worth compared to replacing it. How can you get any of those jobs done?

At Quality Metal Roofing Crew of Plantation, we are specialized in anything related to metal roofs. In the case of re-roofing and retrofitting, both services are not common or quite requested which leads companies in the same industry to forget about them. But in our case, we wanted to give you alternatives and the opportunity to save money and time in having to go for another metal roofing system when yours just needs an extra hand. Actually, retrofitting—out of the two options—is something that can be done even if your roof is not damaged nor old.

Since you can use it to add more elements besides panels to reflect heat or fight some weather conditions, you will find it useful for more than just support. And doing it before your roof gets worse or old is a nice strategy to add more years to your roof right away. Just make sure you are leaving it to experienced and qualified people like us or you could end up with the opposite result you are trying to obtain.

Why we offer re-roofing and retrofitting

Because we find it viable and affordable for anyone in the metal roofing industry. As a company in this field, we know everything about them and believe that instead of having to resort to replacing the roof or getting a brand new one by removing it, things can be a lot easier with those two options.

That being said, you can rely on us to get it done since we have managed and worked with several property owners that either needed them or requested one to protect and guarantee the stability of their roofing systems. Whatever it is, count us in and allow us to get everything done. Our company works with any type of property for this project.

Among commercial buildings, you can find many owners that are willing to invest in this service, and if you own one, do not doubt to go for it. Now, if you are someone with a metal roof installed in a residential property, things will be even easier. Homes are usually smaller and allow us to get the job done in no time. So, don’t worry, as long as you contact us we can start the re-roofing or retrofitting project according to what you need and want.

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