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When you are aware that roofing is more than just going for the one that looks good, you start wondering if the one you have installed is actually good when it comes to performance. You see, there is a lot to consider when you are going for a new roofing system, either if it is for new construction, a replacement, or just a change of heart from the roof you already have installed. Anything is included here and whatever is making you go for a roofing project will take you to the same path: struggling to try to find the best option.

In those cases, you can approach the problem in several ways.

  1. You can either start by choosing a design you saw on the Internet or a picture you looked at in order to find something similar or just like it.
  2. You can also go for a specific material that you have always wanted.
  3. Or try to focus on getting all the benefits under one roof.

With all the benefits we are referring to having a good-looking roof while also getting one that offers durability and longevity. Everything is fair but if you want to come up with the best option we will one hundred percent recommend you to go for the third focus.

In this way, you will be able to find a roof that fits your preferences when it comes to designs and styles. And you will also be able to get something durable and long-lasting that will not disappoint in terms of functionality and performance. It is important to focus on the part of how good the roof is. Otherwise, you will end up with a roof that looks stunning but it is not the best when it comes to protecting your property and allowing you to worry almost nothing about it.

Now, this does not mean you should forget about the design you want. If you are interested in a style in specific, like traditional designs or classic ones, you can consider stone-coated metal roofs. This option is one of the best in the market due to the durability and longevity of metal roofs, and the clean design you can get with the stone-coated tiles or shingles. If you are up to go for the recommendation, you will have to choose the material, stone chips layer, coating to use, and the final design you want to obtain. Now, is it really what you want or need?

When it comes to focusing on what you need, we are sure you will find everything in stone-coated metal roofs. And when it is about what you want, it is simple to determine. As mentioned before, if you want a traditional design that is similar to slate or clay—which are premium looks—, this is the one for you. Why stone-coated for your residential property Among homeowners, slate and clay are top roofing systems and materials due to how stunning they look. The big problem? They are expensive.

You can easily spend around $12 to $26 per square foot when choosing clay or slate and even when you are guaranteed a premium look just like the materials themselves, how long will they last. Durability and longevity are not the biggest strengths for both options, and even when they are not that bad at it, it makes you question if they are worth beyond the design you can obtain. Now, when you compared them to stone-coated metal roofs, you know they are not worth at all. First, before continue to compare them, you can obtain amazing results when using stone-coated steel in specific. Those tiles or shingles can be made of aluminum, zinc, and even copper, but if you want good prices while maintaining quality, steel is the best option.

That being said, stone-coated steel is what also mimics slate and clay the most. And you will be paying from $5 to $7 per square foot, which means you will obtain the premium look for half—or less—the price of the other two options. If you are worried about people noticing the difference, that is unnecessary. It is almost impossible to determine if it is metal, clay, or slate in your roof unless you are actually working with it and maybe performing some service on the roof. 

Now, stone-coated steel is what you need for your home since it will help you to obtain the traditional design you want if you are looking for tiles and shingles made of the previous materials. Or even concrete and asphalt. You only need to take your time to choose the coating, stone chips, the colors and make sure that the roofers and contractors helping you with it will not only make the tiles correctly but also perform a good installation. In our company, Quality Metal Roofing Crew of Plantation, we will handle the entire task of installing the roof and performing future services like repairs, re-roofing, and maintenance. 

Now, even when we are focusing on residential properties, keep in mind this metal roof is also a good option for commercial ones. You will get an amazing design for less money and you will guarantee the performance of your business roofing system during the next 50 to 60 years. All it takes is to contact us and we will help you to get everything done. The reason behind needing professionals for this is because it is easy to mess up the installation and any service related to stone-coated. Therefore, instead of trying to go for a DIY project and end up with an awful result, reach out to us and leave it to our experienced and qualified roofers. 

We will not disappoint and since we are available in Plantation and the entire Broward County, you will not have to struggle to try to reach out to us. All it will take us a call, email, or visit our offices, and you will have our contractors working on your stone-coated steel roof.

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